{Free} Template Tuesday: Instagram photo

So it’s free template Tuesday … on Wednesday! I’m having serious motivation issues this week. We just got back from out final vacation of the summer and less than 24-hours after our plane landed in Arizona, I was on another plane (to Palm Springs) for work. Needless to say, I’ve been swamped and tired (I’ve gone to bed at 9 p.m. the last three nights!). 

Now that Shelby’s is back in school and we’re easing back into our normal routine, I’m hoping life will settle down and I can get back on track. At least until we go on another trip!

So even though it’s a day late … here’s this week’s template. I love using small photos on my layouts. I seem to alternate between REALLY big or REALLY small. I don’t seem to like anything in between. Instagram has only helped fuel this obsession. Since I take a ton of photo on my phone and use Instagram to “spice” them up, I’m always trying to find fun ways to highlight these pics all alone on a layout.

Template_30_KRDKDownload this fully layered, Photoshop template here. 

And here’s the layout that inspired this week’s template:


Journaling reads:

Sometimes it’s like World War III around our house.

“Mom!”  Shelby screeches. “Cooper is bothering me. He won’t leave me alone.”

“What’s he doing?” I ask.

“He won’t stop talking,” she says “And he has the most annoying voice.”

And then other times, it’s like heaven on earth.
Walk into a room and find these two snuggled on the couch together; loving each other to pieces; and happy as clams.

I live for the heavenly moments.

This happy moment was captured on:
July 8, 2012