Journaling Solution: Text on a path

I really struggled with how to incorporate the journaling for this layout. From a design perspective, I couldn't I couldn't find a way to add journaling while still having a balanced, pleasing looking page.

I rarely create a page without journaling, so leaving the text off wasn’t an option. I tried a bunch of different things like journaling strips, a floating block of text and journaling directly on the photo … but I didn’t like any of them.

Then I tried text on a path and placed my journaling around the edge of my page. This was the perfect solution. From a design perspective, it didn’t take the focus away from the photo, exactly where I wanted to draw a readers eye to, but it also incorporates the words I feel are equally as important.

2Peas_ShelbyAndLily Credits

Journaling reads:
As soon as sweet little Lily made her grand entrance, you begged & begged to go see her. When you finally got  your chance, you were in heaven. Aunt Corey is having a little boy, and you were quite disappointed by this news. You wanted a girl cousin in town. But then Lily came along and you decided you’d make her an honorary cousin. Luckily, Mike and Brenda are more than willing to let you love on Baby Lily. I see many snuggle sessions in the future.


Do you have any tips on how to incorporate journaling on your pages? Do tell, I’d love to hear!