Playing with big photos (again)

I used to feel really bad about doing the same technique on my scrapbooking pages. I love scallops and I use them a lot . I mean a lot. Actually, I use them all the time. And that’s okay, because I love them and they make me happy.

I have a new love: big, huge photos. The bigger the better. I didn’t even realize it until I was all done, but the two layouts I did this week both feature large, dominate photos. I guess I’m starting a personal trend!

First up is a layout of Cooper from his swimming lessons this summer. I created it for Two Peas in a Bucket using Baers Garten’s Summer Getaway Kit.

When I went to scrap this particular photo I knew immediately I had to use it big. Everything about the photo is great. The color is great. The look on Cooper’s face is great. The composition is great. I love it, so there was no chance I was going to crop it. So. I didn’t. When Mike saw this layout he told me it’s his favorite of all the layouts I’ve ever done. I guess he likes bog photos too!


Journaling reads:

Best part of our trip to Idaho? Swimming lessons for the kiddos. Cooper didn't learn a ton, but he enjoyed the water and was much more comfortable at the end of the week. Not surprisingly, he endeared himself with his teacher, even when he wasn't listening.  


This next layout is one I created for Jessica Sprague using a new Photoshop action and product from Splendid Fiins. The action is from her soon to be release set of Vintage PS actions. It turned the photo to a warm, golden tone … I paired the photo with Wishi Washi at the Office Washi tapes (so cute, so versatile). The photo was an accident. We were sitting in the basement of my dad’s house watching TV. I randomly turned my camera toward Shelby and snapped. Before I could seriously take her photo, Shelby started to protest. Luckily, when I looked at the single photo I did manage to get, it was perfect. Totally Shelby with her sweet smile and sprinkling of freckles. Love this girl, even if she might drive me bat-shit crazy!


Journaling reads:

Sometimes you don't listen.
Sometimes you throw major fits.
Sometimes you're full of drama.
Sometimes you drive me nuts.
Maybe that's what being eight is all about ... driving your mother batty.
But even still, I love your smile.
I love your laugh.
And I love your spunky spirit.
You are a good egg Shelby Rose.
A good egg indeed.

Photo and journaling: July 2012 


It has taken me a long time, but the more I embrace my true style and basically ignore what everyone else is doing the happier I am creatively. I’m so tired of trying to be like everyone else. And guess what? I’m not like everyone else. I’m me. And once I started accepting myself for who I am and creating things that make me happy, I found my groove. I’m seriously so much happier with nearly everything I create than I’ve ever been. I don’t love EVERYTHING I do ... but I am loving the process.