Free Journaling Cards: Not all is rosy

Hello friends. Long time, no blog. I’ve had some really full days over the last week or so … a business trip to Denmark and then a weekend trip to LA. On Friday morning I left Denmark; made a pit stop in Paris; and then was at a Dodger game in Los Angeles that very same evening. How nuts is that? It’s pretty amazing the world we live in.

Mike and I spent the weekend in Los Angeles doing touristy things (mostly eating good food and relaxing at the hotel) and the kiddos had a staycation of sorts with their grandparents. Everyone had a fabulous weekend.

When we got home, it was time to settle back into real life. Sometimes the process of getting back on track can be painful -- tears, tantrums and many, many meltdowns. While Shelby was melting down today (because of homework), I had the idea that I should make some journaling cards for the not-so-happy sort of days. We all have them. They’re a part of life. And we need to embrace the bad days as much as the good ones. Here’s what I came up with: 


Download these printer-ready journaling cards here.

I think I’d like to make them in a variety of colors. What color combinations would you like to see?  Would you be interested in having these in a PNG format so you can modify them yourself?


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