Love: Lovely kids and Lovely baseball

Hello all. Sorry for the silence. I’ve been busy. I’m actually on the road again, back to Europe for a bit. Between prepping for the trip and the actual travel, I’ve had no extra time. As soon as the jet lag wears off, I have grand plans to finish and post this week’s printable and template. But until then, I have a couple of recent layouts to share.

The first layout is of Shelby and Cooper walking through the woods of Georgia. They were holding hands and my heart about burst as I watched them stroll and chat down the dirt path. The layout was created using one of Splendid Fiin’s  Eclectic Facebook Timeline template (the long rectangle piece of the layout). I used the timeline template on my Facebook page and then decided to plop it right onto a page and create a layout with it. I treated the photos with one of Splendid Fiin’s Buka Bokeh Photo textures, available over at Jessica Sprague’s site. Love how the photo turned out.

Journaling reads:

I have one wish: through good and bad or happy and sad ... you two will walk together through all of life's moments.  (August 11, 2012 - Pine Mountain, GA.)



This next layout is a fun one. It’s a photo of Mike and I at Dodgers’ game Labor Day weekend. He’d never been to Dodger Stadium, so it was especially fun for me to introduce him to the ballpark of my childhood. I have tons of memories of going to see the Dodgers play and having the world-famous Dodger Dogs. We went to the game on a Friday night as soon as I got off a plane. I had flown directly from Europe to Los Angeles, a 12-hour flight from Paris to LAX. It’s amazing that I could be in Denmark in the morning. Stop in Paris for a few hours. And then make it all the way to LA for a Dodgers game the same night. Pretty amazing how that works.


The background photo is one I took on my iPhone as we were leaving the park. We had awesome seats, really close to the field … but as we were leaving we got a better view of the whole field. I thought the photo would work well as a background, and I’m super happy with the end result.

Journaling reads:

Where: Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles CA. What: Mike’s first trip to Dodger Stadium, the ballpark of my childhood. Why: Because at some point ...  every single person needs to see the Dodgers play on their home turf; and eating a world-famous Dodger dog was an added bonus. Plus, the D-Backs were in LA, so it was a must see for this AZ family. When: Friday, Aug. 31, 2012.