{Free} Template: Lots of layers

Hello there. I’m so happy to have a template to share with you this week. This means I might actually be getting back on track and back into a routine, in spite of a sinus infection that just won’t end (hello three weeks of antibiotics). We’ll see how long that lasts! My next goal is to get my Project Life pages caught up and create a better system to stay up-to-date from week to week.

Anyway …  here’s this week’s template:

Template_35_KRDKDownload this fully-layered, Photoshop template here.

And here’s the layout that inspired it:


Journaling reads:

Third grade school pictures ushered in a whole new era: the era of Shelby caring about how she looked. The morning of school pictures you painstakingly brushed your hair until it shone. Picked out the perfect outfit and begged to wear a little lip gloss. I said yes and you were thrilled. You even packed your brush and lip gloss so you could freshen up at picture time.


Isn’t Shelby just the prettiest girl, ever? I love her in all her dramatic glory … and let me tell you: she’s full of drama!