Halloween 2012: Astronaut Cooper

2012-10-26 07.53.29I’ll be honest. I love Halloween, but I hate picking out costumes for my kids. I liked it when they were super young and had no opinion. Now that Shelby is eight, she’s very particular about her costumes and it takes FOREVER to get her to commitment to something.

Cooper on the other hand doesn’t care. At least not really. But I think this might be the last year I’ll be able to pick his costume without him chiming in.

Coop loves all things space right now. He loves watching any show that talks about rocket ships, blasting off and going to the moon. He loves to read the book “Mousetronaut” (written by Mark Kelly, the husband of Gabby Giffords). He calls my car a rocket ship and takes offense when others call it just a car. He’s school is the moon station. And he often insists on drinking from his rocket ship cup.

Halloween2012With this in mind, I knew I wanted to dress Coop as an astronaut for Halloween this year. I saw some space costumes online but they never seemed to have Coop’s size in stock. But last month I was coming home from a business trip in Washington DC and stumbled on the perfect costume in the Dulles Airport (go figure?!). They had a huge NASA display and the astronaut costume in Cooper’s size was there for the picking. I bought it even though it was way more money than I wanted to spend on a 3-year-olds Halloween getup. But it was SO cute and I knew he loved.

And guess what? He did. He’s been talking about Happy Halloween Day and his astronauts costume for weeks now, begging to wear his suit to school every, single day.

Yesterday he finally got a chance to wear it to school for his preschool’s Halloween festival. As soon as I got him all dressed and ready, he jumped up and yelled “Turn off the TV, we have to go. Turn off the TV, we have to go … “ Over and over again. Cooper never wants to turn off the TV and is always willing to delay our morning departures with more TV or more breakfast. So it was super cool how excited he was to get going and show his friends his costume. Now, I’m so glad I spent the money of his astronaut suit. He loves, loves it and looks adorable in it.