Happy Halloween

2012-10-28 15.41.26

Hope you all have a wonderful and safe Halloween. My little ones are already bouncing off the walls, and can’t wait for trick-or-treating. Shelby is a peacock this year and might just be the world’s cutest peacock … ever. She was originally going to be an angel. Then a witch. Then a Greek Goddess. Somehow she settled on a peacock and I’m thrilled with the results.

We’ve had a great time carving pumpkins. Going to parties. Decorating out house. It’s “almost” sad that it’s all coming to a close. But Thanksgiving is JUST around the corner and we’re looking forward to hosting my sister and her family, so we’re okay with saying goodbye to Halloween.

2012-10-26 16.41.36 

2012-10-28 15.43.31

So until next year … Happy Halloween! May you fill your treat buckets with tons of yummy goodies.