It’s 4:30am and I’m awake ... yikes!

I can’t sleep. I’m not feeling well. I’m congested. I have a sore throat. I’m in a hotel (still) and am counting the days until I’m home again (four more bedtimes to be exact). I have a big day today, where lots of eye will be on me and I’ll be speaking, a lot. I’m saying a little prayer my raspy voice will hold up.

I haven’t finished a printable for this week. I was working on my project for True Scrap 4, which is now done and adorable. I came up with the idea for the project as I was flying from Paris to Washington DC. I took out my notepad and sketched what I wanted to do. Normally, I never sketch anything out, I just open Photoshop and go to work. It was fun to approach this project differently and find success. I can’t wait for you all to see it. Make sure you head on over to check out True Scrap 4. I’m hoping to share a sneak peek of my project later this week!

Check back next week for a new printable. By then I should be back to a regular schedule and can get back on track for Monday printables for the rest of the year (fingers crossed).

ShelbyProject2Since I’m awake at this crazy hour, I thought I might share some of the things that are running through my sleep deprived head. I thinking and missing Shelby a lot at the moment. She and Mike worked on her monthly school project. Her school is a project school and each month the kids are assigned a project based on what they are studying.

This month’s project Shelby had to track how food gets from the farm to our table. She decided to follow a turkey and cheese sandwich (one of her favorite things to eat at the moment) along it’s journey to her tummy. Though Mike helped her with the research, the project was all hers. She planned out the placement; wrote out her found facts; and decided what pictures needed to be taken and added. Yes, she also picked the crazy, wild poster board. The sense of pride and accomplishment she felt at the end was huge. She’s so proud of her work and can’t wait to turn it in. I love that she loves school and learning.


One of the things I worry most about when I’m gone might surprise you. I worry constantly about Shelby getting her homework done. I want her to do well in school and I gently push her to excel. I worry she won’t learn the things she needs to learn and I worry she won’t be prepared for later grades and eventually college. I want her to get a good education and go to a good college. I’m acutely aware the opportunities my education has afforded me and I want those opportunities and so much  more for Shelby. After seeing how well Mike and Shelby completed this month’s project, I ‘m reminding myself that not only does Mike have things under control on the homework front, he and Shelby are excelling as an academic team. It’s such a relief and sweet to watch.

I’m going to try and go back to sleep for an hour or so … I doubt it will happen, but it’s worth a try, right? What’s going on in your world at the moment? Tell me, I’d love to hear.