One Little Word 2013: Embrace


In 2012 I picked a word to guide me year, a la Ali Edwards and her One Little Word project. My word was “do” and let me tell you … I did it. I was all about doing. I lost weight. I completed my first half marathon. I created printables to giveaway each week. I shared free digital scrapbooking templates nearly every week, also of my own creation. I blogged, a lot. I rode a bike nearly 15 miles through the woods of Denmark, just because someone asked and I couldn’t say no.

I’ve gone on field trips with Shelby and her class. I’ve volunteered at her school. I’ve helped with Girl Scouts. I’ve asked for the things I wanted and in many cases, I got them. I taught a make-n-take at True Scrap 4, my first attempt at teaching an online class and making a class video to go with my work. I’ve been on Creative Teams at Two Peas in a Bucket, The Daily Digi, Jessica Sprague and Capturing Magic.

I’ve tried hard to seize every opportunity that came my way. It’s been a full year. It’s been a great year. But it’s also been a hard year. We lost our beloved dog. I had to have surgery to remove tumors (benign) and an ovary. I traveled a ton, which means I missed out on a lot at home.

All in all, it was a blessed, full and happy year. I wouldn’t change a thing, but I would change how I reacted to life. As I was thinking about this, my word for 2013 came to me: Embrace.

Embrace is defined as to take or receive gladly or eagerly; accept willingly. In 2013, I want to receive gladly and eagerly everything that comes my way, the good and the bad. I want to accept willing what the world gives me and smile rather than cry, yell or generally explode. I want to breath, count to ten and just roll with life. I want to see and embrace the goodness that I know is all around me. And most importantly, I want to literally embrace those I love. I want to spend more time hugging and kissing my family, wrapping them in my embrace.

I’m not the only one in my household who picked a word: in the process of deciding what my word for 2013 would be, I asked Shelby what her word for 2013 will be. She said "better." She said she's not striving to be perfect, just better. I love it.

Conversely, I asked Cooper what his word for 2013 would be. His response? Carrot. He said carrots are yummy and good for him. Interesting choice for Coop, maybe it means he'll be less picky about his food choices in 2013? Mike even picked a word for 2013: fit. We’re going to be a family with purpose this year.

Did you pick a word for 2013? What’s your word and why did you pick it?


As a bonus for reading all the way to the end of this very long post … you can download my “Embrace” printable here. It’s an 8x10 high-resolution, printer ready print. Hope you like it.