Project Life: Squeezing it all in

Happy Thursday. I was a little behind getting my Project Life pages done this week. When I was “suppose” to be putting my pages together on Sunday night, I was at Disneyland with my family. Then after getting back from California, I had a huge work deadline to meet. Finally, last night I had some time to sit down and work on my pages for Week Three.

As I looked over my photos and notes I had a single thought: how in the heck am I going to fit it all in? Week three was a big one for us. I spent the first few days of the week in Denmark and then as soon I got home we left for a surprise vacation. I took lots of photos, close to a zillion. We did all sorts of fun things (45 rides and attractions; lots of yummy meals including one with all the Disney Princesses; hotel sleepovers; swimming in the So Cal sunshine, etc.). It was a pretty epic week.

There was no way I was going to be able to get “everything” into a two-page spread. So guess what? I didn’t even try. I added the highlights and I’m going to put most of the photos and memories from our trip into their very own photos book. That takes a huge amount of pressure off me … instead of having to pick the “perfect” photos and the “perfect” stories, I  just picked the some of my favorites and called it good.

I try to remind myself that my Project Life pages aren’t the only way I document my life and my family’s life. And if I miss something, it’s okay. This was a week I had to repeat this idea over and over again. Otherwise, I’d never finish my pages. And since I was already falling behind (we’re already half way into Week 4), I just needed to get my pages done and move on. Ever feel the same way?

Okay. So enough of my rambling. Here are my pages for Week 3, Jan. 13-19:




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Are you doing Project Life in 2013? Is this your first time? How have you prepared? If you’re a veteran, any advice? This week I linked up with The Mom Creative, a site filled with great Project Life inspiration.