Currently: A full and busy week

listening … to SpongeBob SquarePants on the TV in the other room. Shelby doesn’t have school today, teacher in-service, so SpongeBob is babysitting while I work. Yes, I win parent of the year award for this one.

CooperBathwishing … I could freeze Cooper at this age. He’s just so sweet, cute and funny. He makes us laugh all the time. He’s so snuggly. He’s so smart. And he’s a total mama’s boy.

wearing … my pajamas (grey striped pants and a grey shirt), though I did put on a bra and my Converse sneakers, since I had to do a cookie pick up at 7:30 a.m.

drinking … nothing. I‘ve already had a Diet Dr. Pepper today, so I need to make an ice water.

thinking … I want to try this cool new site I found, Artifact Uprising. You can create beautiful, hard-back photo books there (a lot like Blurb) , but they have an iPad app and it’s suppose to be super easy. Maybe I’ll use them for my Disneyland book?

reading … a handbook for work. It’s one I help create (write, edit, illustrate … the whole deal) and it needs to be complete and submitted for approval today. We’re in the final stretch and it feels so good to almost be done. It’s a project that’s been all consuming. I’m ready for a new project (luckily there is another waiting to be started).

eating …nothing at the moment, though I’m almost certain I’ve eaten my weight in Girl Scout cookies since Cookie Season started on the 19th. I have NO self control when it comes to Girl Scout cookies. 


wondering … if Shelby is going to love bowling in two months as much as she does now. She’s totally into bowling, but I’m not sure if the magic will wear off quickly.

enjoying … the new TV show The Americans. I had heard about it, but Mike was the one who really wanted to see it. We watched it together last night -- after the kids went to bed -- and loved it. I can’t wait until next week. And BTW, I love the Guess jeans Keri Russell’s character wears … oh the memories. 

feeling … unhappy with my weight. I mentioned somewhere (Facebook or this blog) I’ve fallen off the healthy-eating train and gained back about 10 pounds. And 10 pounds makes a huge difference. A ton of my pants are super snug and that makes me cranky. I need to make batter choices. In February I’m cutting out dairy for both me and Shelby. Then in March we’re cutting out gluten too. For both of us it’s for health reasons (my sinus and her hyperactivity). We’re going to start small and ease into it all.

wanting … to go shopping. I don’t need anything, but I want this, this and this whole outfit.

needing … to get started on Valentine’s for the kids and their classmates. I always wait until the last minute and then I’m stressed out. I want to avoid that this year. I’ve been pinning lots of ideas, now I just have to decide.

weather …  it’s been cold this last week, but sunny. The mornings require a coat, but my 10 a.m. you can survive in a long-sleeved shirt.