Currently: Thankful, busy and feeling crafty

LOAD213_Thankful_Day16A new layout featuring things we’re all thankful for right now (credits).

listening … to silence. It’s 7:46 a.m. on Sunday morning and both kids are still asleep. this never, ever happens.

wishing … I wasn’t hungry all the time. After a few weeks of eating right the hunger will stop, but getting over the hump is hard. I sort of just want to crawl into bed and sleep for two weeks.

wearing … my pajamas. It’s kind of early to be dressed. As soon as the kids get up, we’ll all get washed up and ready for the day.

drinking … my breakfast (a protein shake), see below. And an ice water in my big Starbucks cup.

thinking … it will be nice when tax season is over. Mike has been working like a dog. All the time. Both weekend days, he was at the office before the sun came up. It’s a crazy, crazy time.

reading … a lot of craft blogs. This week I’m going to try this and maybe this. I have a couple of super crafty co-workers, so we’re going to get together this week and make some stuff!

eating … a chocolate protein shake. I’m drinking it, but it’s my breakfast. I’ve been working hard this week to get back on track with my eating, and I’m trying to get a lot more protein into my diet, especially early in the day.

wondering … what the kids should do this summer, camp wise. Shelby really, really wants to go to sleep away Girl Scout camp, and I’m nervous about letting her go. Luckily, there is such a camp right here in Southern Arizona, so I could always rescue her if needed.

enjoying … listening to Shelby talk about Girl Scouts and working on badges. She’s over-the-top excited. And its sweet and inspiring. We’re going to work on one at home and it’s all about snacks, eating right, and making good food choices. Perfect.

feeling … happy that Cooper is doing so well with the potty, though it sort of sucks when he wakes me up at 3 a.m. because he needs help to go pee. But progress is good, even at 3 a.m.

wanting … to get started on a photo book from our Disneyland trip. I just got our PhotoPass+ CD, so I have tons of awesome photos to use.

2013-02-16 16.05.47needing … to pack. I’m going to Atlanta for a few days and my flight is early tomorrow morning. I’m a huge procrastinator when it comes to packing for business trips. I put it off until I’m super stressed out and then it consists of me, in a rush, throwing random stuff in my suitcase.

weather …  is perfect. We were outside all afternoon yesterday for one of Shelby’s Cookie Booths, I could have worn shorts and flips-flops and been totally comfortable.