Project Life: Behind and stressed out

I’m behind with Project Life.  I hate being behind. It weighs on me heavily. Seriously. It drives me nuts. I hate being behind with anything. Piled up laundry drives me nuts. Dishes sitting in the dishwasher waiting to be put away make me itch. Unfinished project can cause me to twitch. I know, it’s a personal problem! Being sick put me way behind. And traveling last week only made it harder to catch up. I have only done one or two pages for Week 10. But rather than trying to catch up from old to new … I decided to focus my efforts on the most recent weeks. I’m so much faster when I’m dealing with newer, fresher memories. I’ll go back and finish the rest of Week 10 when I can.

So here’s what I have so far … My first (and only page) for Week 10, March 3rd-9th. I used Just Jaimee’s March Storyteller kit for this page and I plan on using for the second page … whenever I get to it! I love Just Jaimee’s storyteller kits. They are awesome and packed full with tons of useable goodie. I highly recommend them.

Week 10:


And here are my pages for Week 11, March 10th-16th. For these pages I pretty much used just a single kit: one of the new Project Life Core kits, Kraft. I also stuck with many of my standard fonts, like Bebas, Hero, Homestead, Another Typewriter. I wanted to go with simple, easy and streamlined.

Week 11:




Since this was a pretty full week, some some special events, like our anniversary, I did two inserts.


Journaling reads:

Shelby was Camper of the Week for her class. When you’re camper of the week, you get to bring in photos and items that best represent you. I wanted to make a big poster board with lots of photos and cool scrapbooking embellishments ... but Shelby had other plans. She had a very specific vision as to what she wanted to do, so I respected that and helped her collect the things that were (are) important to her. She took awards she’s earned. She took lots of photos. She took her favorite stuffed animals. She took her doll Jessica. She took some of her crafty projects. She showed off all the things that make her Shelby. At the end of the week, Shelby got to present her “stuff.” She spent 45 minutes talking to the kids in her class about her goodies and answering questions (Cooper and I were so happy to be able to go and help Shelby with her presentation). The kids were most interested in the photo of a screaming Shelby and her cousins on Splash Mountain.


My second insert for Week 11 is all about our anniversary celebrations.


Journaling reads:

With Mike’s crazy schedule, we had to wait until Saturday to celebrate our anniversary. Nana had the kiddos for a sleep over, so we had the whole night (if we could stay up that late). We started off with dinner at Flemings. Yum ... so, so good. As we were leaving, they gave us a box of chocolates as an anniversary present. And man, they were good chocolates. Then, we headed downtown so I could get a tattoo. This isn’t the first date night tattoo trip ... the same weekend six years ago we were at a tattoo parlor in Vegas and I was getting a rose on my left wrist. This time, I had the words brave + bold put onto my right wrist as a reminder I want to live brave and bold life. After I got my ink, we went over to the Rialto for a concert (Mike’s choice). Josh Ritter was great: good show, awesome song writing, cool vibe, etc. Before we headed home, we stopped at Hub and got ice cream, since they have the best ice cream ... ever. Sadly, we could barely keep our eyes open, so we were home and in bed by 11 p.m. Happy 6th anniversary to us.


Are you doing Project Life in 2013? What do you love most about it? What’s the hardest part of the project for you? This week I linked up with The Mom Creative, a site filled with great Project Life inspiration. If you have any questions about the supplies I use on my pages, please send me an email. I’ll gladly give you a list of credits.