Shelby: Summer Camp 2013

ShelbyCamp2013 Mike and Cooper dropped Shelby off at Girl Scout summer camp Sunday afternoon. I was on an airplane coming back from the Oregon coast. I was super, super sad not to be taking Shelby to camp, especially since it would be the very first time she slept away from family. Shelby has never had a sleepover at a friend's house, instead always having her friends over to our house. She's spent many nights on her own with her Papa, Aunties, or Nana … but it's always family. It was a huge deal for her to be going to camp … and sniff, sniff … I missed it. However, I'm glad Mike got the chance to take her and share this moment with her. I can be a bit of a "moment" hog. I want all the BIG moments and am not so good at sharing them with Mike. This time, I had no choice but let Daddy take the reins and share this special time with her. He'll always remember it, as will Shelby. So, it was a win (sort of, right?).

Well, Shelby's been gone for about two and half days, but I haven't seen her for a week. I miss her terribly. But, I know she's having fun and she's growing in ways she couldn't if I always had her tucked under my wing. As if Shelby knew, she wrote us a quick letter and it arrived yesterday. Being the good sister she is, she sent one to Cooper too! Can I tell you how happy I was to see her little card? My heart was smiling and I read her words through my tears.

I'm counting down the days (and hours) until I pick her up. I can't wait to hug her; hear her stories and look through all her photos. I'm sure this will be a summer she'll never forget.