{Project Life} Simple = Done

I'm ever so slowly getting back into a Project Life groove. I kept my most recent set of pages super simple. When I was getting started on these pages, I decided to pick a single kit to use (One Little Bird's Stargazer kit), for simplicity's sake. I also picked just a few fonts (Homestead, Hero and Another Typewriter) to chose from. I opened up iPhoto and looked through the photos I had from that week and picked out my favorites. Then, I went over to Facebook and checked my timeline to see if I was missing anything. Them, I just started dropping photos into place. I don't normally do a "Week in Review" card, but I figured it was the easiest way to get my pages done. 

Here are my pages from Week 25, June 23rd to 29th:  

Week25 June23 2013 1


Week25 June23 2013 2



Are you doing Project Life in 2013? What do you love most about it? What’s the hardest part of the project for you? This week I linked up with The Mom Creative, a site filled with great Project Life inspiration. If you have any questions about the supplies I use on my pages, please send me an email. I’ll gladly give you a list of credits.