Selfie Love = Self Love

She comes from heartache, cracked open from life.

She comes from sadness, broken from the winds of tragedy.

She comes from hope, a place where pain melts away.

She walks to love, casting away the cancerous influences. 

She walks to goodness and grace.

She walks home, he place that holds her heart and warms her soul




I've been taking a lot of self portraits lately. I've always taken a lot of self portraits, but after taking spending time with Vivienne McMaster at the Your Story Retreat, I've started looking at myself in a different way. Each new self portrait shows a girl who feels more comfortable in her own skin. Each snap of the camera finds me loving myself just a little bit more. I'm grateful for the season of life I'm in. I've never been more emotionally healthy and the happiness that comes from that, along with self compassion and grace is simply amazing. Life is good. Really, really good. 

It's a journey of love and understanding. Looking at these photos, I'm reminded how much I love my red hair. I love that my son also has my red hair. When life gets nuts, I forget to love myself. I forget to remind myself what a great job I did losing weight and keeping it off. I forget to embrace my smile, because smiling is good for my soul. These pictures are a reminder. 

Vivienne is teaching an online course, Be Your Own Beloved, which focuses on cultivating self love and compassion through self portraiture. I highly recommend this course. Viv is an amazing photographer and an amazing soul. Sit at her feet and learn. You won't regret it.