{Around Here} My budding reader

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This time last year, reading was a chore for Shelby. She loved stories, but she totally hated reading. My super smart, highly creative little girl was having trouble mastering the art of reading. She had a bad first grade experience and fell behind in reading. Once we moved her to a new school, she steadily made progress, but she was alway behind her classmates. Shelby doesn't like to be wrong, so if she didn't know the words, she'd just shut down. Enter her amazing 3rd grade teacher (Mrs. D) and everything changed. During the last nine months or so, Shelby has made more than a 300% improvement.

Now, our problem isn't getting Shelby to read. It's getting her to stop reading. In the mornings, it takes her forever to get ready, but that's because she can't put her book down. I'm so proud of our girl. And so grateful for awesome teachers who care deeply about kids, especially my kids.