Around here ... October edition


Girl Scouts has started up again. Shelby and her friend Mollie are a troop by themselves. They are working on the Agent of Change Journey and the Digital Photography badge. It's been a lot of fun for me to "guide" them through this.

Just this week, as we worked on their journey, Shelby started learning to sew (thanks Janice). She made a "super girl" cape and machine sewed the whole thing on her own. She was so thrilled with herself.

Shelby has taken to constantly playing with her "phone." It's not really a phone. It's an old iPhone we have that has no service. But it connects to the wi-fi and she's can even text her friends.


Cooper is obsessed with Toy Story. He begs to watch all three movies, all the time. This obsession also pushed him to change his mind on his Halloween costume. He's now going to be Buzz Lightyear (his costume is ordered and on its way). He's also learned to write his name. At first, he wouldn't even trying claiming he couldn't do it. But now, he's willing writing it on demand for me.

Mike is busy doing some freelance writing. He hasn't written since we left Las Vegas. But his best friend Arnold is the editor of City Life, the alt-weekly in Vegas, and needed a favor after losing some of his staff in the latest round of newspaper downsizing. Mike's been interviewing tons of bands for the upcoming Life is Beautiful Festival, which we are happy to be attending at the end of the month.


I designed some fun journaling cards (12 total) that can be found in the October Pocket Life Kit at the Citrus Twist Kit Club. So exciting to see my work in the flesh. It's also such a great way to fill my free time, flexing my creative muscles. Love the process.


What have you been up to? Anything exciting? Do tell, I'd love to hear.