{Family} Halloween Recap

Halloween 2013 was a huge success. Shelby was the prettiest unicorn I've ever seen. She was so thrilled with herself. Cooper was the cutest (and spunkiest) Buzz Lightyear, ever. They have been counting down the days until the could wear their costumes. I'm pretty sure they'd wear them every day for weeks ... if I'd let them. I just love their enthusiasm for Halloween and life in general. It makes my life so much richer as a result. Halloween_2


Cooper was quite the little character this year. When trick-or-treating with Great-Great Aunt Dorothy at her assisted living center, he was chatting everyone up ... handing out hugs and kisses to pretty much everyone we encountered (mostly strangers). He had no problem puckering up for little old ladies who adored him.  Shelby's BFF Mollie came with us on our adventures. And everyone loved that they had matching costumes (totally planned).




Baby Andrew joined us at Great-Great Aunt Dorothy's, so Shelby was in heaven. She loves Andrew so much and is so, so good with him. She was thrilled to trick-or-treat with her favorite baby cousin.


Cooper told me the day after Halloween, "I wish it was a Halloween every day."  Clearly Halloween was a huge success this year.