{Simple Scrapper} December Layout

Happy December! I can't believe it's already December. This year has flown by. Since it's a new month, I have some new Simple Scrapper layouts to share. This layout was inspired by one of the December Story Starters. The theme for this month is "The Past." I have a ton of older photos that need to be scrapped, so this was just the kick start I needed to get the memories recorded and on a layout.


Journaling reads:

One of our favorite paces in the world to visit is Papa’s house in Idaho. It’s beautiful. It’s quiet. It’s relaxing. And it’s the place where lots of cousins can come and play together. Cooper made his first trip to Lava Hot Springs when he was just a few months, in July 2009. Auntie Amy and her family came up, as well as Uncle Brad and his family. There were lots of cousins to play with, climb hay bails with and splash in the creek with. Coop was happy to be passed around from Auntie to Uncle and Papa and Mama Shelley. A favorite of all the kiddos were the Rhino rides around the ranch. Papa would pile all the cousins into the Rhino (the 4-wheeler) and take them all around the property. He’s hold Cooper in his lap and the rest of the kids would be tucked into every bit of space available. They scream and yell as Papa sped around the ranch. All the bumps made them squeal in delight. We still love our regular trips to Papa’s.


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