{Layout} Tell Her: Whispering to my soul

In November, I took an online art journaling course with Brené Brown and Oprah. It was based on Brené's book "The Gifts of Imperfections." I enjoyed taking the principles of the book and applying them to art journaling. I really helped solidify the guideposts that Brené shares in the book.

I decided to make a layout using some of the content I created based on the prompts from the class. I journaled about all the things the younger version of me would tell the older version of me. It's really a love letter to myself, reminding me of the things that make me great. A reminder that I might be imperfect, but I'm enough.

Kimberly Kalil Designs: Tell Her LayoutCredits

Journaling reads:

  • Tell her she’s worthy.
  • Tell her she’s brave.
  • Tell her she’s overcome so much.
  • Tell her you’re proud of her.
  • Tell her that her story matters.
  • Tell her voice should be heard.
  • Tell her she can have anything she wants ... absolutely anything.
  • Tell her it all starts with a single step.
  • Tell her to try.

She was fearless. If she wanted something she went for it. She never questioned her abilities; she just did what she wanted to do. She made things happen. She believed in herself. She was tough, brave, full of life, willing to take a chance and full of hope. You couldn’t help but love her. She oozed confidence. She believed the entire world was hers for the taking. When she got knocked down, she sprang up, immediately ready to fight on. Her light shone through her willingness to try. She didn’t give up. She didn’t say no. She just asked when and where. It was contagious. She’s still there. She’s a little more cautious. She doesn’t leap as quickly as she used to. But every now and then, I see her. She peeks out from behind fear and anxiety.


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