{New Layout} My Love

I've been making an effort to create more pages that feature my husband. Looking at my pages over the years you might think I don't have a husband ... just kids. But I'd like that to change. In October, Mike and I took a trip to Las Vegas without the kiddos. We were there for a music festival, but since we had some extra time we took a quick trip out to Hoover Dam. Neither one of us has seen the new bridge and wanted to check it out.  Mike snapped a photo of the two of us at the dam, which sort of encapsulates the whole trip: smiling, happy and relaxed.

This is the layout I created featuring the photo. I used a kit from Lauren Grier that was included in the January 2014 Digi Files.

Kimberly Kalil Designs: My Love

The more I look at this layout, the more I think, I should have added some meaningful journaling to the page. If I was to go back and add some journaling, this is what I'd add:

Mike and I are such a good match. He's evens me out and add a calm to my life. I keep him organized and add structure to his life. We challenge each other, pushing the other to do more and be better. We don't really fight much. We laugh a lot. And we have a ton of fun together. We're not perfect and by no means is our relationship perfect, but we love each other and make it work. Each passing year we seem to get better: we know each other better and understand each other more. Even with the bumps and the "not-so-awesome" moments, I'm grateful to be traveling through life with Mike.


Is there a layout you love, but lacks meaningful journaling? Have you gone back to add journaling? Do you journal on all your pages? Share a link of a page you've created with awesome journaling ... I'd love to see it.