{OLW} My word for 2014

Kimberly Kalil Designs: Let It Begin With Me Begin: Remember the feeling you get from taking the first step is far better than the feeling you get from sitting around thinking about it. So get up and get moving. Take the first step this year – just one small step forward. The greatest miracle of your success will not be that you finished, it will be that you had the courage to begin (from Marc and Angel Hack Life).

Yesterday morning I read these words (above) and knew I needed to make BEGIN my word for 2014. I'm not good at beginnings. I'm a procrastinator. I get distracted. I get scared and avoid. If there is a blog post to write, I end up wasting an hour reading other blogs (or in the case of this very post, spend a considerable amount of time creating some art to go with the post and put off the actual writing part). If there are chores to do I spend more time thinking about how not to do them rather than just starting. If there is a sewing project to do, I obsess over its complexity until I talk myself out of ever starting. If their is a work project ahead, I struggle to feel inspired and wait for inspiration to come before I can start. BUT ... here's the thing: once I get going, I kill it (case in point: the awesome quilted table runner I made a few weeks ago). It's actually pretty crazy because I am a very productive person, but the starting is just so hard for me.

It's time to stop thinking, talking or planning ... it's time to begin. I want to begin new creative journeys. I want to begin telling myself new, more positive stories. I want to begin to be more present with my family. I want to begin to make some courageous choices. I want to begin ...


I signed up for Ali Edwards One Little Word online class in hopes that it will force me to keep my word at the forefront of my life and foster some fabulous beginnings.