{Right Now} Fighting Distraction

Kimberly Kalil Designs: Fighting Distraction I burned part of our dinner last night. I was making quinoa and I burned it. It was salvageable, but I burned it nonetheless. After I started dinner, Cooper caught my attention. He was making a card for his nana and wanted my help. I sat at the table with him and we worked on the card together. I showed him how to write "Nana" and "I love you." We drew some fun flowers to signify the coming of spring. And the longer I sat with him, the more inspired I was to create something of my own. I borrowed some of Cooper's construction paper and started writing a letter to my pen pal in Luxembourg (a story for a different day).

I'm the first to admit that I live a highly distracted life. I'm a distracted mom. I'm a distracted wife. I'm a distracted artist ... and the list goes on. There are so many things that are competing for my attention: household chores, work, homework with the kids, creating, blogging, technology (my computer, iPad, phone, etc), self care ... and the list goes on and on.

But last night, I made a choice to ignore all the distractions, sit at the table and connect with my little one. He'll never, ever remember that I always kept up with the laundry or cooked an elaborate meal. He'll remember me sitting with him, creating, talking and connecting.

So the quinoa was burnt. But I was bursting with joy and excitement. When Cooper and I walked hand-in-hand to the mailbox to mail his card to Nana I was grateful for the burnt quinoa. He's growing up so fast ... I need to slow down and savor my time with him (and Shelby).

I'm by no means perfect at this. This is a new effort on my part. I really struggle when it comes to walking away from a sink full of dishes (and other such chores and distractions). But when I do, I'm rewarded with joyful moments, and that's what life is really about: connecting with the people you love and relish in the every day.

Let's do this together. Let's be less distracted, more connected and fully present. If you have any tips, let me know. I could use all the advice I can get.