{Simple Scrapper} You Are Sunshine

Hello! Hello! Hello! Happy Monday to you. I'm coming off a GREAT weekend (I went to a retreat) and I'm just all around happy. What about you? Anything new and exciting going on? I'm excited to share my newest layout: You Are Sunshine. The week before last was spring break and one day we went to the park. Shelby was climbing in a tree and when I saw her up there with the light framing her perfectly, I couldn't help but think she looked like an angel. She's such a pretty girl. I love the freckles on her nose. I love her goofiness. I love that she's my girl.

Simple Scrapper April Layout | Kimberly Kalil DesignsCredits

Journaling reads:

Shelby, my sweet girl … you?re almost 10 (less than a month until you're double digits). You're changing so fast. You could eat sushi every day. You love One Direction, especially Niall. Your BFF is Mollie, who happens to be the sweetest girl in the world. You won't let me pick out your clothes anymore. You think being a little weird is cool. You're quite artistic and love to paint. You're a fan of iced green tea from Starbucks. You think Pinterest is AWESOME, but don't like that I'm your only follower. You are a ray of sunshine in my life.


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