#BouqLove: Pretty Flowers + Easy Ordering

The Bouq | Kimberly Kalil Designs A few weeks ago I was approached with the opportunity to try out The Bouqs, a new and simple way of ordering fresh flowers. I love fresh flowers, so I jumped at the chance. 

I hadn't heard anything about The Bouqs before this, but apparently the creators presented their idea on Shark Tank, a business-themed TV show where entrepreneurs pitch their ideas in hopes of getting investors to give them lots of cash. 

I've received a ton of flowers the last six weeks, thanks to being in and out of the hospital. I've also sent my fair share of flowers to friends and family around the country. Each time I go to order flowers I'm a little surprised at how complicated the process is and how many hidden fees pop up.  That's why The Bouqs is so awesome. They cut out the middle man by growing their own flowers and shipping them themselves. You order your flowers and they cut 'em and send them right then.

The other thing that makes The Bouqs so great is their pricing:  it's a $40 flat fee for all of the original-size bouquets and free shipping. That's it. You pick an original sized bouquet, any original-sized bouquet and it's $40. No extra fees for a throw-away vase. No cheesy stuffed animals to add on. Just beautiful, fresh flowers all priced the same. 

So a few weeks ago I ordered a bouquet to try out the service. The web site is super easy to navigate and the ordering + selection process is quick.

However, I was a little surprised to find out I couldn't get my flowers the same week. If you want to pay the $40 rate, you have to select flowers for The Volcano Collection, which come from The Bouqs' South American flower farm. Those flowers take quite a bit longer to arrive (I placed my order on June 14th and my flowers arrived today (June 24th). If you're planning ahead, this will totally work. Otherwise, you'll have to pay more to order a bouquet from their California flower farm. Those flowers cost $50 for an original-sized bouquet and can be delivered next day.

The Bouq | Kimberly Kalil Designs

My flowers arrived via FedEx and were super fresh and stunning (hello happy, bright orange roses). The box the flowers came in featured simple instructions of how to prep the flowers and I quickly moved the flowers from the box to a vase. 

One of the roses had a broken stem, total bummer. But we put that rose in a small mason jar along with some of the leaves I trimmed off the other roses and my daughter claimed that rose as her own. It's going to go into her her room to brighten up her space.

In the future, I'll definitely use The Bouqs for my flower delivery needs. The flowers are lovely. The web site is user friendly. And the pricing is both smart and reasonable. All reasons to go back the next time I need to send flowers.

The Bouq | Kimberly Kalil Designs

For Fourth of July, The Bouqs are bringing back their Red, White and Bouq (which is red, white, and blue roses)! Check them out hereThis bouquet is the perfect gift to bring to the Fourth of July BBQ you are attending or hosting. Or just to add some patriotic flair to your home over the holiday weekend. 


Thank you Markerly and The Bouqs for sponsoring this post. I was given a free bouquet, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.