Home Decor Ideas Using Party Supplies

A couple of weeks ago, my 10-year-old – Shelby – decided she wanted to redecorate her room. She was over the light pink of her "baby" years and wanted something more mature. As soon as she decided she wanted make the change, Shelby was hot to trot to get started. She wanted turquoise walls. She wanted new curtains. She wanted new bedding for her bunk beds. She was wanted to art. All I could think was, "Holy moly, this is going to be expensive." Home Decor Ideas Using Party Supplies | Kimberly Kalil Designs

But, I didn't want to discourage her. I wanted her to exercise her creativity and have the room she wanted. It is her room after all and she should have some control over her own space, right? I just had to come up with a way to offset the cost of her grand ideas.

This whole process got me thinking: are there some ways I can save money and repurpose what I have? I have a craft closet that's overflowing with all sorts of craft goodness, including a whole section of discarded party supplies. Here are a few ways you can incorporate common party supplies you'll surely have on hand.

Home Decor Ideas Using Party Supplies | Kimberly Kalil Designs

Party Lights

I'm a sucker for party lights. Heck, I'm a sucker for anything that twinkles. Have you seen what people are doing with party lights? Search Pinterest for party lights. Be still my heart. It's just amazing. I've bought many a strand of twinkling lights for a party and then tucked them away to be quickly forgotten. Instead of letting them gathering dust, string the lights to freshen up a space and add a little bit of sparkle.

Wrapping Paper Art

I'm almost embarrassed to admit this, but I have a wrapping paper addiction. I love buying wrapping paper. I'm pretty sure I have more wrapping paper than I could ever use in a lifetime. As I scoured the Web, I found so many fun ways to reimagine wrapping paper. You can use wrapping paper to make some pretty cool wall art. And if you're feeling super adventurous, you can upcycle old furniture with wrapping paper and a tub of Mod Podge. Since we're going to dramatically change the wall color of Shelby's room, adding an extra piece of decor to highlight the color is a great idea.

Home Decor Ideas Using Party Supplies | Kimberly Kalil Designs


Adding a garland or bunting to your room might just be the easiest and cheapest (cheap isn't a bad word). You can punch shapes out of paper party supplies like plates and cups. I like hearts, but you can use circle, stars or butterflies ... whatever you have a punch for. Then sew the shapes together with you sewing machine and you have a quick and fun garland. In Shelby's room, I have paper hearts strung from her curtain rods, as well as her bedposts.

Since pawing through all my party and crafting supplies my head is swimming with ideas on projects I can do for Shelby's new room. Now, I just need some time to actually try them all out.