{Simple Scrapper} New Layout: Buzz, Buzz Boy

Hello! How's it going? Summer is winding down at my house. My kids go back to school on Thursday! Holy. Moly. Cow. It seems like they just started their summer break. Shelby will be in 5th grade and Cooper is starting kindergarten (sniff). Both kids are excited for school, especially the part where they get to see their friends. I have a new layout to share that seems especially appropriate with Cooper starting school and "growing" up. I've been a little sad when I start to think about how quickly my kids are growing up. They aren't so little anymore. And with kindergarten for Coop just days away, I'm feeling this even more. But every now and then Coop (and even Shelby) does something that reminds me he's still oh so little.

Buzz, Buzz & Buzz | Simple Scrapper | Kimberly Kalil Designs

Journaling reads:

Sometimes I look at you + think you’re SO big and growing up way too fast. Then you beg me to buy you a pair of bumble bee wings at the dollar store + I see the little boy that still are + I’m so grateful my baby is still my baby.


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