{Right Now} Hello October

Right Now | October 2014 | Kimberly Kalil Designs Right now ... our life is full, crazy and really good.

Right now ... I'm juggling a bunch of books. I just finished The Happiness of Pursuit (so inspiring) and I'm reading The Snow QueenEverything I Never Told You and The Casual Vacancy. I also have Lean In and I'll Give You the Sun at the ready for when I finish the other three. My goal for 2014 was to read 50 books and I'm almost there (I've read 43 so far). I kind of want to blow my goal out of the water and get to 60 or 70 books.

Right now ... I'm looking forward to a trip to Vegas later this month. Mike and I are attending the Life is Beautiful music festival again this year, and two of my girl friends are flying to Vegas to join us. I'm excited to introduce them to my second home.

Right now ... I'm trying to get back into a walking/running routine. Mike got a bad case or bursitis and that slowed us down in September. I'm slowly getting back at it and am looking forward to completing my second half marathon in December or January.

Right now ... I'm marveling at how quickly my kiddos are growing and changing. Cooper lost his first tooth in August and then a second just last week. Shelby is nearly as tall as I am and doing all the things pre-teens do (texting her friends, begging for sleepovers, complaining about homework, talking non-stop about One Direction, etc).

Right now ... I'm exploring (and loving) my new iPhone 6. I had a 2+ year old 4S and it was on its last leg: the battery was shot, app were crashing, the reception took a dive ... it was time to upgrade. I love, love, love my new gadget.

Right now ... I'm loving the library and the ability to check out audiobooks (for free!!!). We took Cooper to get his first library card last weekend and it was such a thrill to introduce him awesomeness of the library. At the same time, I renewed my library card and promptly checked out two audiobooks.

Right now ... I'm on the road for work. This week I find myself in a suburb of St. Louis ... Belleville, Il. I have a little bit of free time this weekend before I head home, so I'm going to check out the St. Louis Art Museum and the Gateway Arch.