Cookies. Cookies. We've got cookies.

Cookie Time | Kimberly Kalil Designs Happy, happy Monday to you. This weekend marked the opening of cookie season for Shelby. This is her third year as a Girl Scout and she loves cookie time. This weekend Shelby filled up her little wagon and went house to house selling her cookies. This week cookie booths start and we'll be manning a few different booths around town.

Cookie season can be hard. It's long and a lot of work. But the girls learn so much. They learn all about running business, handling money, not giving up when things get hard, etc. It's really a great opportunity for girls to learn and grow.

This year, Girl Scouts is starting something new: digital cookie sales. Now, anyone around the country can buy cookies from Shelby. Just click on this link and you can order all the cookies you want (and need).

But ... this sales pitch wouldn't be complete without a few words from Shelby: