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Health | Weekly Meal Plan | Kimberly Kalil Designs Welcome to the Kalil Family Weekly Meal Plan. Last week I started sharing our weekly meal plan and I'm so excited to be back again to share this week's plan. But before I do ... I have a few observations from last week.

I made the mistake of planning a fish based meal late in the week. Mike does all the shopping early in the week (normally Sunday, sometimes Monday if it's a crazy weekend). He bought fresh salmon on Sunday and there was no way it would keep until the Friday. We ended up having it on Tuesday instead, and I rearranged the meal plan a bit. No big deal ... learning to be flexible is a good thing, right?

I never, ever should plan the main protein of our meal to be a fried egg. Mike isn't a huge fan of eggs, so even though he initially agreed to put an egg on top of the One Pot Kale and Quinoa Pilaf, he protested on the day we made it. Instead, he grilled some chicken breasts and we had that on top of the pilaf.

I might have planned too many kale dishes. I love kale, but kale almost every night is overkill. I don't want my family to get tired of kale, so I need to be more thoughtful with what green veggies we serve.

The  Coconut Chicken Satay was kind of bust. The sauce was too think to drizzle (even though I followed the recipe exactly). The sauce was tasty, but it was impossible to coat the chicken, so it just wasn't easy to eat and over all disappointing. Everyone loved the grilled salmon on top of Heidi Swanson’s Pan-Fried Giant White Beans with Kale, it was easily everyone's favorite dish of the week. A close second was the One Pot Kale and Quinoa Pilaf. We're definitely going to have those again (and again and again).

Finally, I over scheduled us. By Friday night, Mike was tired of trying out new recipes and wanted to do his own thing: he came home with all the ingredients to make carne asada, so that's what we had. I need to make our schedule a little more flexible and make room for Mike to create something on a whim. For him, cooking is therapeutic He loves being in the kitchen creating something yummy. So, I need to give him room to create on the fly.

My goal with this week's menu was to use up a lot of what we have on hand. Here's what we'll be trying this week:

  1. Monday: Easy Coconut Curry with grilled chicken. This is a hold over from last week. Saturday was rainy and cold, and we decided to use up all the leftovers for dinner, as well as make a yummy soup in the Vitamix (using more leftovers)
  2. Tuesday: Spaghetti Squash Enchilada Boats (minus the cheese) with grilled chicken. This is also a hold over from last week. It got swapped out when I was moving the salmon to earlier in the week and never got made.
  3. Wednesday: Lemon Honey Rosemary Chicken
  4. Thursday: Leftovers (or Mike's choice)
  5. Friday: Paleo Taco Shepherd's Pie
  6. Saturday: Dinner out (sushi)
  7. Sunday:Leftovers (or Mike's choice)
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