{Health} Weekly Meal Plan: GF + DF Snack Favorites

Hello ... wanted to pop in quickly and let you know there will no meal plan this week. I'm sick. I'm traveling still. And my kiddos are super happy to eat the same simple meals their nanny made them last week. So, I'm not going to reinvent the wheel. But ... while I'm here. I thought I'd share my top three new snacks since I've changed my diet and eliminated gluten, dairy and processed sugar.

1. Bare Crunchy Honey Coconut Chips: They are slightly sweet and so, so yummy. They're just toasted coconut bits with some cane sugar and honey. Yum. Yum. Yum. There are some other flavors I want to try, including one that's spicy and sweet at the same time.

2. Fruit and Nuts: I'm partial to oranges, though bananas and apples are close to the top of my list. I've been tossing a few of each in my bag and when I get hungry I have a piece of fruit and a mixture of almonds and walnuts.

3. Righteously Raw Coconut Macaroons: I totally have a sweet tooth. I'm hoping in the weeks and months to come that will subside. In the meantime, this is a totally awesome treat that satisfies my sweet desires.  They are my go-to treat when I want something somewhat decadent.


Any GF/DF/SF  snack favorites you love? Share them, I'd love to try something new!