Happy 11th Birthday Shelby Rose

Happy Birthday Shelby | Kimberly Kalil DesignsI'm a week late with this post, but that's because I've been busy celebrating my sweet girl. There was a swim party. There was sushi  and a sleepover. There was a trip to the salon for a hair cut, style and some pink extensions. There was a family party with a yummy chocolate cake. Eleven years ago this dear, sweet girl made me a mama. She changed my life for the good.

Shelby is feisty yet sweet. She's so mature and thoughtful, yet so young and tender hearted. Strong but incredibly sensitive. She's thoughtful and kind. She cares about everyone and everything (even the fly that I want to swat dead is given love and attention from Shelby).

She's almost done with 5th grade and headed to middle school. She loves school and is happiest surrounded by all her friends.

She's a reader, just like her mama. She devours books. She reads on her iPod. She reads in bed. She listens to audiobooks with me (we have a long morning commute). She saved her money and just got a Kindle to help feed her reading cravings.

When she grows up she wants to be a voice over artist or maybe a veterinarian. I think she's going to be an artist of some kind. She can draw and she's got a great sense of design and color.

Shelby will tell you she doesn't like to get on stage and perform, but that's not true. She can stand up in front of any crowd and mesmerize them. She can wing it and just talk, no matter who might be in front of her. She's the first to present school projects and always sparkles.

She's such a great eater. She loves to try anything, and loves just about everything she eats. Last week she asked me to slice up some tomatoes. Tomatoes are about the only thing she does like, but she said, "Mom, I want to give them another try and see if I like them." She tried them again, and she still can't stand them. It's pretty crazy she'll eat octopus, but not tomatoes!

She's looking forward to summer vacation and going to Idaho. We're going to see all our DeMucha cousins this summer and she's counting down the days until they're all together again. I love how much she loves her family.

Just like her brother, we meditate together most nights. It helps her calm down and relax. We're trying to incorporate meditation techniques into her daily life, since sometimes she struggles to calm down when she gets upset.

She had a killer British accent. She loves to make up stories and has written some pretty good poems. She's always busy crafting and creating. She's my budding artist.

I love this girl. She's got so much spunk. I know she's going to do great things with her life. May she always be as confident and bright as she is at eleven. This world needs her.