{Simple Scrapper} Love You to Pieces

Good morning! Happy July to you. This year and this summer is screaming by. I can't believe that it's already July and my kiddos go back to school the first week of August. There isn't much summer left for us! In June we set out on a road trip to attend the first ever Camp DeMucha. My Dad and my Step-mom hosted a family reunion for all of my Dad's kids, their spouses and all the grandkids. There were 31 of us one HUGE cabin.

It was beyond awesome. I had spent months working with my step-mom to plan everything and to see it come together without any problems was just so amazing. I haven't been in the same place with all my siblings in at least 15 years, though I think it's actually longer than that. It was such a treat to just hang out with them, their spouses and all the kiddos. The cousins hit the ground running and were playing together like best friends as soon as they got to the camp. It reminded me of all the vacations I took as a kid and the time I spent with my cousins.

These are the memories I want to create. These are the memories I want to capture and savor in the years to come.

I took a ton of pictures on this trip. My plan is to make a simple photo book, which I can also share it with my parents and siblings. But I did want to make a layout that sort of summed up the whole experience. When I looked through my photos and saw this one of me with my five siblings, I knew it was the "one" that could tell the whole story. I used a template from the Simple Scrapper July 2015 Premium Collection and Storyteller Kit from Just Jaimee.


Love You To Pieces | Simple Scrapper | Kimberly Kalil Designs


Journaling reads:

6: There are six of us kids. Six siblings. The children of John & Linda. The six of us haven’t all been in the same place, at the same time for many, many years ... Like 15 or even 20 years. This is why we had to plan a reunion.

4: Four nights of togetherness were planned at Harriman State Park in Island Park, Idaho ... just west of Yellowstone. So much planning: dinner menus, shopping + packing lists, sleeping arrangements ...

31: All my siblings, their spouses, 16 grandkids, my dad and step-mom and Uncle Mike made the trek to reconnect. There were 31 of us DeMuchas, all in one big cabin. It was awesome.


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