Calories Burned Breastfeeding: As Good as It Sounds?

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Interested in learning just how many calories do you burn while you're breastfeeding Check out my latest article over at that explores just how many calories moms burn thanks to breastfeeding.


Celebrity magazines and online blogs are brimming with articles about the number of calories burned breastfeeding. But how many calories does a woman actually burn each day because of breastfeeding? And does this actually fuel weight loss?

What's the Truth Behind Calories Burned Breastfeeding?

"If you're exclusively breastfeeding, it takes about 500 extra calories per day for your body to make milk for your baby," says Alice Callahan, author of "The Science of Mom." "These calories aren't actually burned. They're packaged into milk for your baby as fat, carbohydrates and protein." During pregnancy, your body is working hard not just to grow a baby, but to be prepared to provide your little one with the needed nutrients. Only after breastfeeding should you be counting calories, only after you are done breastfeeding can you consider the benefits of Remember when it's just your body that's alright, but not when a newborn is still so dependent on full nutrition, your their only true source.