The Power of Photos

Photos Matter | Kimberly Kalil CreativeMy Grandma passed away yesterday, She'd been close to death for a few months now and every time my Dad phoned me, I was sure it "that" call. I am grateful she has found peace and has been reunited with my dear Grandpa. But I'm still sad. I'm sad she's gone and I'm sad for my Dad who no longer has parents alive on this earth. It's heartbreaking to me and reminds me that there will be a time when my parents will also return to our Father in Heaven. As I was absorbing the news, the first thing I wanted to do was find some pictures of my Grandma. The power of photos is amazing. They are magical story tellers that transport us to a different time and place. I take a lot of photos. My kids might tell you I take too many. But yesterday it took me just a few minutes to find some photos of my Grandma and find comfort in the memories they evoked.

I'm so grateful for the stacks and stacks of photos I have of the people and places I love so much. And I'm recommitting to telling my story through photos. It's times like this I'm beyond grateful for the memory keeper in me.

Photos matter. Take pictures of the people you love and the things you love. Make sure you get in front of the camera too. Don't worry about scrapbooking every, single picture you snap. Just snap away and be grateful for each and very story you capture. They are a gift.