{Simple Scrapper} I Love You

My younger brother is getting married today. As I think about love and marriage (thanks to his impending nuptials) , I'm so grateful for my husband. When we first started dating, it was all about romance and spontaneity. But as the years pass by, our love has deepened to something I never thought possible. Mike is my best friend and through all the trials of life, our relationship has grown and flourished. It's so much better today than it was at the start ... even without all the excitement of newness. I made a scrapbook page from Simple Scrapper about you love thanks to a small slip of paper. I carry it in my wallet and have for years. I went with simple, muted colors since it's a page about Mike and I wanted it to feel more masculine than most of the pages I create.

Love You | Simple Scrapper | Kimberly Kalil Designs

Journaling reads:

Ten years ago, Mike slipped this little paper under my keyboard at work. I’ve carried it in my wallet ever since. Two babies, an out-of-state move, two house ... lots of changes, but I still love he & he still loves me


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