{Simple Scrapper} These Are My People

These Are My People | Simple Scrapper | Kimberly Kalil DesignsI have a new layout to share. This one I created for Simple Scrapper using a January 2016 Premium template and Story Starter. The photo is super old, my brother Brad was celebrating his 1st birthday and he's 36 now! I have it pinned on a cork board in my kitchen and it makes me smile on a regular basis. Journaling reads:

When I was a kid, sometimes I was embarrassed of my big, loud, messy and somewhat dysfunctional family. Don’t get me wrong, I loved them .. but. There was always a but. I judge them for every choice they made that I thought was wrong or misguided. I left home as soon as I got a chance and didn’t look back. I was certain I could do “it” (life and family) better than they did. I lived, made lots of mistakes and had a family of my own. It was only then I realized I was wrong. That big, loud, messy and somewhat dysfunctional family made me who I am today. They taught me to love. They taught me to persevere. They taught me about acceptance and understanding. They taught me about strength, even when you felt like you had nothing left to give. These are the people who watch out for me and are willing to fight for me. These are real, honest, and amazing people. These are my people.


This layout was create for Simple Scrapper using an Nov. 2015 story starter. The Premium Membership at Simple Scrapper provides skills and shortcuts to help you simplify and find more meaning in your memory keeping.