{Right Now} May 2016 Edition

Enjoying full time motherhood at the moment. It's amazing how quickly my time has been filled with mama-related tasks. I've become a fixture at the kids' school and it's been helpful to have a place to do each day and lots to do.

Noticing the Saguaro blossoms. I've lived in Arizona for nine years now and I never noticed the Saguaro blossoms, but when I girlfriends in town a few weeks ago, they were blooming and they pointed them out to me. Now, I'm seeing them everywhere. Just goes to show you how you really have to open your eyes and pay attention to what's around you.

Binge watching "Call The Midwife" I'm not a huge TV watcher. Mostly, I watch shows that Mike wants to watch and since he doesn't want to watch TV alone, I hang out with him and it's our bonding time (that and walking/running together). Recently he suggested we watch "Call The Midwife" because he thought I'd be more interested in it than many of the other shows he watches. He was right ... I love it. We're halfway through season two and I'm pretty sure we'll plow through most of the episodes before the end of the month,

Counting down to our trip to Spain. Mike's always wanted to go to Primavera Sound, a music festival in Barcelona, which happens each year around his birthday. Since this year Mike turns 40, we thought we'd cross this off his bucket list and celebrate in Spain.

Setting alerts on my phone to remind me to send snail mail monthly to friends and family. I also set a separate alert for later in the month reminding me to send an email to my closest friends. I know, it seems terrible I have to remind myself, but I really want to make connecting with those I love a priority, so I'm blocking out time for this and hoping I make it a habit.

Using white noise to help me fall asleep. I really struggle with sleep. Either I can't fall asleep or I can't stay asleep (I changes from day to day). Often, I fixate on some small noise and I can't fall asleep or fall back to sleep because that small noise is amplified in my head. I was in a hotel room in Albuquerque last week with two friends and my friend Kolleen told me about a white noise app she uses to help her sleep. I downloaded this one and am loving it.

Reading Harry Potter series with the kids. We're on the third book and the kids are seriously obsessed. Originally, Shelby didn't want to read them. I've been trying to get her to read the for years and she's refused, so earlier this month I downloaded the audio version of the first book and told her Cooper and I would be listening to it on our long rides to and from school. Within a few days, she sheepishly told me she loved the book and she should have listened to me all along about how awesome they are (huge mom win).

Signing the kids up for summer camps. I was so happy when Shelby told me she wanted to go to camp at the Tucson Museum of Art. They have the coolest art camps taught by local, working artists. She's been in the past, but last summer she didn't want to go. I try not to push her to do things by want her to do (art), so I was thrilled she picked art camp on her own this summer.

Teaching Shelby how to shave her legs!!!!! Holy. Moly. Cow. When did my girl become old enough to shave her legs? She asked me yesterday if she could do it and if I would teacher. She was suddenly very self conscious about her "hairy legs" (her words, not mine). So I gave her a little lesson and tried not to cry.