Oh Mall Santa, You Are My Hero

Dear Park Mall Santa,

You had no idea when my little boy climbed on your lap tonight he'd just been crying. He was very worried he wasn't going to be on the "good list". He wiped his tears away, but when you sweetly asked him what he'd like for Christmas, the tears rolled again. I watched, a little nervous how you'd respond ... And what you did cracked my heart wide open. You wrapped your arms around my sweet boy; you held him close; you wiped away his tears; and you whispered reassuring words to him.

You called me over and said "Mom, your boy was worried he's not on my good list. But I told him he was. He's on my good list because he has such a good heart and he's working so hard at school. That's what he's on my good list." He turned and looked at Cooper and said, "Everyone has bad days, but we just try our hardest and those bad days pass. But you have a good heart and that's what matters."

Dear sweet mall Santa, you went above and beyond your call of duty this evening. I'll carry your kind words and compassion in my heart. You my friend, are what this season is about. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

This Mama