{Art} Making Art is Easy, Selling it is Hard

Since I've started a daily art practice, the physical act of making art had become easier for me. I feel more creative. I have more ideas. I'm more willing to try new and different things.

It's been such a huge shift for me. I look forward to my art time and what might spring from it. Sure, there are lots of things I create I don't love. Some of them, I downright hate. But by creating daily, I've stopped making everything — my supplies, the process, the outcomes — so precious. I create for the sake of my love of art and without all the pressure I used to put on myself. If I don't like what I make, then I toss it and start again. And guess what? In the creating and tossing and creating some more, I've created pieces I absolutely love. Not kind of love. But totally, madly love.

Now that making art is coming easier for, I have a new stumbling block: selling and/or exhibiting my art. I don't have any answers or insight on this part yet. I'm at the bottom of this mountain and feeling super nervous about even attempting to climb it.

What I do know is this: I just have to start. I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm sure I'll make mistakes. But if I don't try, then I'll be no closer to figuring it all out, right?

My major goal for the second half of 2017 is to figure out how sell and exhibit my art. Sure, I have an Etsy store, but I want something bigger. And I want to be a part of my local art community.

So ... tell me: what do I need to do to really sell my art and connect with my local art community? How do I find shoes to submit to? Where should I be looking? I've Googled all of this, but I'm still not seeing a clear picture of how a new artist — I say new, rather than young since I'm on the other side of 40 — finds her way in the world of gallery shows and selling her art?