Mama and Shelby Bug

Shelby and Emma check out the sights

A few Saturdays ago, I ventured to the top of the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino with my Mommy, Mikey, my best friend Emma, and her daddy Arnold. You can see for miles up there. I was able to spy my house, my school, Mommy and Mike's work, the Strip and beautiful Sunrise Mountain.

If you're ever in Vegas, drop by the Stratosphere. It's one cool place. I wanna go back at night some time and see all the bright lights of Las Vegas.

Arnold and Emma

"Vegas looks so small Mommy"

Note: Sorry I'm so behind on my postings. I'm only 2, so you have to cut me a little slack. And I've been busy -- preschool, vacation to Idaho, play dates, etc. I'm quite popular.