One of my favorite places in the world to go is ...

This bastion of delectable treats, only a few blocks from our home downtown, is a one-man operation inside a 60-year-old, 300-square-foot building just off world-famous Las Vegas Boulevard.

But don't let the modest look of the place fool you. Owner/operator Tom is all about quality control. He personally, lovingly churns out creamy goodness five days a week, but is typically unable to satisfy the demand for his customers, leaving some late-comers to go home emptyhanded when he runs out of this stuff.

Hey, where is Tom?

Tom finally showed, and now I'm about to taste the frozen fruits of his labors. Mommy got me vanilla in a cup. She and Mikey are having cones.

But I get to taste everybody's, because I'm Shelby.

Mom's is best.

Here's me giving my opinion to Mom. I told her I enjoyed the clean, vibrant flavors and a rich, luxuriant consistency achieved despite a butterfat content a little lower than some competitors. Luv-It hooks you from the first spoonful. Entirely and blessedly absent are the cloying sweetness, chalky texture and oily, gummy aftertaste that afflict many mass-manufactured ice creams.

In other words, "It's yummy!"

Bye, Tom. See you next time!