Still more pictures from Idaho (I think I'm close to being done sharing all our pictures from my trip to Papa's house!) These pictures were taken by the Amazing Mikey while we were on a walk in Downtown Lava Hot Springs. We walked along the river, checked out the hot pools and window shopped on Main Street.

Picking flowers with my Mama.

Four little cousins sittin' on the steps ...

Ah, the perfect stick go with all my rocks.

Here's my cool waling stick. It can be used as a sword too, but my Mama says that's not a good idea.

But Mama, it's my walkin' stick.

Checking out the river with Mama ... Mama and Mikey went floating down the river with Bronson and John-O

Down by the river, Bonson strikes a pose.

Bronson near the hot pools. He's a great cousin and helps with all of us "little kids"

The boys by the river.

Even Papa can't catch me!

Savannah likes rocks too!

Grandma "Mama" Shelley and Savannah