The Idaho pictures continue ....

These from our second day. After playing outside, taking a walk in beautiful downtown Idaho, we went for a wagon ride at Baker Ranch (

Looking for rocks ... a favorite activity for me.

My cousin Bronson and Aunt Wendy putting on lots of bug spray before we headed up to the mountains. We still got lots of bug bites!

Here's me and my papa on the wagon ride up to have a "cowboy dinner."

The view from the wagon.

Another view from the back of the wagon.

My cousins (Trevor, Griffin, John, Tyler and Bronson) on the wagon.

My Aunt Carrie, cousins Savannah and John.

Mama and Mikey on the wagon ride. Don't you like Mommy's hat?

Here Griffin and I are on the slide up at the camp site.

Mommy gives me a little push on the tire horse.

Bronson taking a ride on the tire horse once we made it to the camp.

Here I am riding the tire horse with my new friend Shelby. Yep, her name is Shelby too. She's five, lives in Salt Lake City and was on the wagon ride with her dad. She's the first Shelby I've met besides me!