The Majesty of Red Rock

Daddy, Shelby, Arnold andEmma explored on one of Nevada's most beautiful locales this past weekend -- Red Rock Canyon. Though their little legs might be short, Shelby and Emma kept up with the big boys, hiking their little hearts out. Shelby had to have two whole pieces of pizza post-hike to refuel! Above, Daddy and Shelb at the beginning of the hike.
Emma and Shelby climbing in a cave ... best friends who go caving together, stay together.

In they go ...

This is very interesting business to a three and four year old!

Hi, I'm Shelby. I rock. Get it? Rock?

What a beautiful picture if I do say so myself. A Very big rock! Two sweet girls! And an amazing backdrop.

Arnold and the girls takin' a break.Same spot, but now Daddy with the girls ...

Can you feel the love? Best friends indeed!