It's official!
If you haven't heard, we're packing up and leaving Las Vegas with Tucson as our final destination. With a lot of sadness, we've sold our home in Las Vegas (it should close escrow in June) and we've purchased a brand-new home in Tucson (check it out). We get our new keys on Friday (May 25) and we're going to start painting all the rooms on Saturday. Shelby started her new preschool yesterday and she loves it. They have awesome dress-up clothes (Shelby quickly found a crown and ruby-red slippers to wear with her princess dress); a garden the children help with; a bunny and a hamster to love; and only about 20 kids in the entire school. Shelby was thrilled to make friends with a boy named Dominic and Andrew (like her old school) and according to her new teachers is adjusting quite well (like a fish to water as Daddy would say). We'll post some pictures this weekend of the new house and all the painting!