Happy Birthday to Me!

In addition to all the Easter festivities, we also celebrated Shelby's third birthday. She loves the Backyardigans so we decorate the "party" area with all things Pablo, Uniqua and Tyrone! We decorated while she was taking her nap, so she was absolutely thrilled when she discovered the Backyardigans loot throughout the dining room.
The silly girl that she is, Shelby wanted to kiss her cake (she did) and relished the attention she got, especially when we sang Happy Birthday to her. Check out the video on YouTube.com ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xOM5Fk8xdQ

Miss Melissa's present of a Disney Princess dress-up set was clearly Shelby's favorite and she insisted we opened it right away. Much to Dad's disgust, she especially loved with plastic high heels that came in the set (he picked out a baseball bat and balls for her birthday)!

But Shelby also loved her new baby doll from Emma (Baby Tommy) and an adorable My Little Pony from Delaney. What a lucky little girl she is!