Happy Easter ...

We had the best Easter party ever. It was a great time we had together ... On Saturday, we hosted a Easter-themed birthday party for Shelby, complete with a yummy ham dinner. Because Mommy had to be out of town on Shelby's actual birthday, we decided to celebrate early. Shelby and her best friend Emma had a blast and could hardly wait to hunt for eggs.

The Easter bunny (Daddy and Dave) did a great job eggs and made it easy enough that baby Delaney could look for eggs too. We made a potato casserole made famous by Mike's mom Reba and had a big and very delicious ham as the main dish. Much to Shelby's delight, we even had a birthday cake with a big Easter bunny on it.

The Ester bunny left Shelby a basket that morning as well and she was thrilled to find ANOTHER My Little Pony in it. The Dora Easter book was also a huge success.

It was a nice and small party ... Just us, Emma and Arnold, the Schwartz Family ,and Miss Melissa. But it was the perfect amount of people. The girls played well together. Delaney was all smiles. and the grown-ups actually got to enjoy each other's company!

Emma finds an egg with the help of her dad.

Delaney, Dave and Emily .... enjoying the great weather and egg hunt.